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Dear person I hate,
Dear person I like,
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex bestfriend,
Dear bestfriend,
Dear *anyone*,
Dear Santa,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Dear past me,
Dear person I’m jealous of,
Dear person I had a crush on,
Dear girlfriend,
Dear boyfriend,
Dear [insert URL here],

Dude this sounds fun

let’s play!!!! pls

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First of all I’m so freaking happy that I finally got tumblr to work again! All I needed to do was change my web browser. Secondly, I’ll like to officially announce that I’m back in the states, sadly and not that anyone really cares lol But whatever. My short semester abroad was fun, crazy, frustrating, eye opening, educational and another prominent chapter in my life. It was more then I expected it to be emotionally, physically and mentally. I miss Fukuoka, and the freaking amazing people I met, so so much! I know now more then ever that Japan is my second home, and hopefully during this time next year I’ll be making a more permanent move!

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me: no one ever texts me

*gets a text*

me: wtf do you want

The day has finally arrived! It’s 4:33 am and I’m getting ready to leave for the airport! I can’t believe that I’m going to Japan again..I can’t express how excited I am!